Workshop/laboratory: landscape of film

The idea of the laboratory was the way of dealing with the film stock beyond its limits. Imagine the film as a landscape that grows through diferent interventions which leave the traces and lead to uncommon visual experience. We chose colour Super 8 mm film that is common among amateur or/and experimental filmmakers.

There were four steps:
1/ various techniques of exposition with film camera
2/ colour development process (E6) and the posibility of chemical manipulation during the development
3/ physical and chemical intervention into the film stock
4/ the expanded projection techniques

Materials: Kodak Ektachrome, Tetenal Development Kit for E6, kitchen bleach, etc.
Equipment: Super 8 mm film cameras (Bauer, Yashika, Chinon, etc.), Lomo development tank UPB, film projectors (Canon, Elmo, Eumig, Rus 2), various optical objects, etc.

to the light from the darkness of development tank

the way how to improve filmed material

preparation for the final projection

six participants - six rolls of film

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