Police Melt Over This 4-Year-old Boy’s Emergency Call Inviting Them to Come See His Toys

A 4-year-old boy in New Zealand recently dialed the national emergency services number by accident. When the police answered his call? He invited them to see his favorite toys. Naturally, they took him up on his offer.

Southern District Police posted audio from the call on their Facebook page, stating, “While we don’t encourage children to call 111 to show us their toys, this was too cute not to share.”

“Hi,” the boy says on the phone to the police operator.

“Police lady,” he says, “Can I tell you something?”

After some back and forth, the little one says, “I’ve got some toys for you… Come over and see them!”

Given the picture at the bottom of the post, showing the boy hanging out on the bonnet of a police car—hands waving happily in the air—we’d say the spontaneous show-and-tell went more than well.

“Constable Kurt from Southern District Police responded by arriving at the child’s house and was,” the police said, “shown an array of toys.”

“He also had a good educational chat with the child and his parents about only using 111 for emergencies.”

Sounds like a worthy lesson to us.